Getting Managed IT For Fire Stations And Fire Services

With so much of fire safety being automated these days it’s incredibly important to ensure that network security and stability is up to snuff.  Although the state pays for most of IT services it’s crucial to vet these companies that provide services.  Since firefighters obviously don’t want to be doing their own IT services, hiring a managed IT company is crucial.  That’s what one volunteer firefighting station did by hiring San Diego managed IT specialists AMA networks to run their security as well as establish a proper backup and security plan of action in the event of a data breach.

Disaster Planning And Recovery Plans

In the event that a fire, earthquake, or flood destroys valuable computers and servers, it’s important to have a plan in place so you can quickly get back on your feet and up and running with minimal downtime.  Although firestations won’t lose money per se, they can lose valuable time, and the risk of missing calls is increased.

Having a backup plan can be instrumental.  AMA Networks set up that volunteer fire station with a cloud based system that was able to be recovered in just minutes.

This is crucial when time is of the essence.

Many businesses and organizations fail to plan ahead for disasters and are often caught with their pants down, which can be devastating.  Don’t get caught behind and ensure that everything is backed up and redundancy tests are performed at least twice a year to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Employee Education

With phishing and scams at their peak these days, it’s important to ensure that employees at firestations and offices are up to date on what to look for and what to do to prevent hacks, scam calls, and other forms of advanced phishing.

Sometimes a caller will have some correct information, likely obtained by a large data breach, and this will make them seem more convincing.  It’s important to tell people that they should never give out data to unsolicited callers.  If someone is calling, vet them very, very carefully.

The same goes for emails and other forms of communication.

It’s also true that people using the firestation computer network should not browse internet “bad neighborhoods”.  This is crucial to avoid network wide hacks and exposing the network to unwanted intrusion.  This includes adult, gambling, and other similar sites.