Back Up Your Computer In Case Of Fire

There’s nothing worse than a devastating fire that will destroy your house.  Even a fire in one room can wreak havoc and cause thousands of dollars of damage.  However, many of the things that have burned can be replaced.  But what can’t be replaced?  These are the things that you want to think about when you think about fire preparedness.  I always tell people to make a small list of things that are not replaceable  – family photos, important documents such as social security cards, home videos, etc.  Another thing that many people forget to add to this list is their computer.

Making a backup of your computer is extremely important in case the computer fails or becomes infected by a virus.  This is why most people back up their computers.  But with more and more people storing photos, videos, and other important things on their computers, the cost of losing it becomes higher and higher.  What happens if you have a catastrophic fire in your house?  You could lose your computer.  This is why we suggest making regular backups of your computer.  You could do external storage and keep it in a fire proof safe, or you could back up to cloud storage.  Both are very good options.  I really like cloud based storage because it’s much more “fail safe” than other methods of backups.

There are a number of different cloud backup companies out there that are very affordable.  I have used (and still use) both Backblaze as well as MyPCBackup.  These are both extremely good in terms of what they offer for the price, and more. I suggest to all my friends that they use these programs because they run automatically in the background and they will never miss a scheduled backup as long as they are connected to the internet.

Check these programs out for yourself and see if they are right for you!  A few websites go over the pros and cons of each of the companies, such as Your PC Helpers and more.