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Getting Managed IT For Fire Stations And Fire Services

With so much of fire safety being automated these days it’s incredibly important to ensure that network security and stability is up to snuff.  Although the state pays for most of IT services it’s crucial to vet these companies that provide services.  Since firefighters obviously don’t want to be doing their own IT services, hiring […]

Back Up Your Computer In Case Of Fire

There’s nothing worse than a devastating fire that will destroy your house.  Even a fire in one room can wreak havoc and cause thousands of dollars of damage.  However, many of the things that have burned can be replaced.  But what can’t be replaced?  These are the things that you want to think about when […]

Advanced Fire Preparedness

Here are some tips on advanced fire preparedness, and we think you’ll benefit from this information.  Many people don’t put much thought into their building’s fire safety protocol, and it can lead to huge problems later on.   Much too often, those who own or manage properties — nursing homes, hospitals, hotels/motels, offices, stores — […]